Moving to a Quarto website

Updating my previous {blogdown} website with RStudio and Quarto (an open-source scientific and technical publishing system.

Matt Leary


July 7, 2023

After many months (years?) of not really touching my personal website, I am working to update my website and truly delve into using quarto for analysis and publication. This initial post will be a short summary of my efforts to get started, document some of the resources I found and used, and a starting point for what will *hopefully* become a regularly updated post.

Lessons learned

  • I had an existing template, after a few hours I was able to follow blogs by Sam Csik and Bea Milz to help me create a seperate posts section, add a footer, and generally make some customizations I really liked.
  • Using a custom domain is relatively simple, but it took some configuring to get it right.
  • Realized I might want to setup a Github Actions workflow instead of rendering locally. Not sure on that yet.
  • Bring over old .Rmd files used in my previous {blogdown} format was clunky
    • Not sure if it was simply a copy paste issue, but I took an old post and tried to move it over. Quarto seemed to have some new syntax and it proved to be a little bit of a hassle. Again, this might have been user error on the first go round but I might just focus on starting fresh moving forward.
  • Consolidating
    • I have created several other websites with Github. Debating if I want to link to those, move that content into this website, or refactor those as quarto webpages.